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                您好,欢迎来到 美中鞋ξ业网

                DN-2008(V2012)2D Shoe Design and Grading Software

                DN2008 Leather nesting system
                Parameter: Transparent and standardized order management
                     It can build standard order for different type. Typeset and process in accordance with order which make process transparently and standardized.

                     Neaf typeset automatically
                     Strictly according to amount of order, pieces can typeset automatically on different leather which save a large number of labor.

                     Take photos to recognize leather intelligently
                     ttakes photo of leather and input data to computer. The system recognizes leather graphic and marks out stains.

                     High definition of projection and leather
                     Typesetting and leather can be projected onto real leather clearly and reliably so that it makes references for users.

                     Typesetting effects saved automatically or output to cutting machine in order to boost productivity
                     It can save leather and typesetting data or input data to leather cutting machine to produce. Realizing one typesets and many produce which increases productivity greatly.

                产品名称: DN-2008(V2012)2D Shoe Design and Grading Software